Currently Available Originals

"Carolina Wren"  Acrylic 8x10  SOLD

Richard Clifton Wildlife Art

"ON Angels Wings"  Acrylic 30x20  SOLD

"Sly as a Fox"  Acrylic 20x16  $5000

"Out of the Shadows-Barred Owl"  Acrylic 30x20 $5800

"2020 D.U. duck stamp"  Pintails  SOLD

"Sea Horse"  Acrylic 40x35  $11,500

"Peregrine Portrait"  Acrylic 16x11  $1850

"Autumn Pond-Gadwall"  SOLD

"Golden River"  Acrylic  23x32   SOLD

"Spring Morning" Wood Ducks  Acrylic 7 x 10 $1200

"Heard it thru the..." Available during 2019 Masterworks, Gallery One

"Indigo Bunting"  Acrylic 9x6  $750