"Sly as a Fox"  Acrylic 20x16  $5000

America's Fine Art Waterfowl Painter

"Tranquil Moment"  Acrylic 24x18  $7000

Currently Available Originals

"Rising Wings"  Tundra Swans  Acrylic  $9500

"Western Color" Magpie Acrylic 15.5x24  $4000

Richard Clifton Wildlife Art

Winner of the 2020 Federal Duck Stamp Contest

"Squall Line"  Long-tailed Duck  Acrylic 24x24.5  $6500

Lesser Scaup 7x10 Acrylic 2021-2022 Federal Duck Stamp

                            Prints available in June 2021

"In the Light"  Great-Blue Heron  Acrylic 16x25  SOLD

2021 Federal duck stamp carrier design  "Bluebills in Flight"  Acrylic 10x23  $4000