Into the Sunset  Acrylic 24x30  SOLD

Autumn Timber  Acrylic  20x16  $4500

Tom's Meadow  Acrylic 16x24  $4800

Richard Clifton Wildlife Art

Sea-side Stroll  Acrylic 24x35  $6800 

Beach Run  Acrylic  8x35  SOLD

In your Window  Acrylic  27x24  $8500

Flushing Quail Acrylic 21x16 $3200

Elegance-Great Egret 20.5x20.5 Acrylic $4800

Autumn Arrives-Canada Geese 30x20 Acrylic $7500

Headin' Out-Ring necked Pheasant 22x20 Acrylic $4500

Winter Waxwings Acrylic 14x8 SOLD

Carolina in the Morning SOLD

Neighborhood Jay  Acrylic  12x26  $2450

On a Rail  Acrylic 12x26  SOLD

Heritage and Tradition Canvasback Acrylic 7x10 SOLD

Woodland Red  Acrylic  14x8  SOLD

America's Fine Art Waterfowl Painter

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